Fall 2024

Mentorship Program

In today’s fast-paced landscape of business and sports, mentoring has emerged as a catalyst for success.  

Major companies and sports teams alike are harnessing the power of mentorship programs to enhance productivity, boost workplace satisfaction, and strengthen their overall quality of work. Learning and growing with a mentor as a young adult can be the most efficient way to a long and healthy career.  

Why navigate how to achieve your dreams alone when you can achieve your dreams faster with our group of diverse and expert mentors?

  • Applications Now Open
  • Limited spots available
  • First come, first served!
  • Choose the mentor/subject that interests you!
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Have questions before applying? E-mail us here!

How it Works

Here is the general process for applying, getting accepted, and participating in the program. (Subject to change)

Apply to the Program

Fill out the application for the mentor you want to work with, and our team will review and reach out.

Get Approved

Once our team has reviewed your application, we will reach out with your status and next steps for the program.

Get Ready

Between acceptance to the program and the start of the program there will be several actions required prior to meeting your Mentor, including setting up your profile in our system and setting up your payment method.

Start the Mentorship

Your mentorship begins August 1st and will run for 3 months. During this time you will have scheduled Zooms, Phone Calls, and Assignments that will assist you in getting the most from the program.

How Much Is It?

Once you are accepted into one of the Mentorship groups, we will send you a payment link to set up your account.

Fall 2024 Mentorship Program

(August 1 - November 1)

$495 $295 (Introductory Price!)

  • 6 Interactive Zooms
  • 1 Personal Phone Call with Your Mentor
  • Assignments tailored to the subject area
  • Digital resources created by your mentor

Have questions before applying? E-mail us here!