Jenny Fischer 07/22/2020

Continuing the Conversation with Jenny Fischer and Anya Covington

Jenny Fischer sits down with Anya Covington to continue the conversation on social injustice and racial inequality. Anya B. Covington is a speaker, advocate and trainer, focused on rethinking the diversity, equity and inclusion space. A basketball standout at the University of Wisconsin, she played both collegiately and professionally before coaching athletes at the Division-1 Collegiate and Professional coaching level for over a decade.

Anya works with athletic teams, recruitable age parents and families, corporate clients and church organizations, transforming her unique athletic experiences into easy-to-digest principles. “Coach Ya’s” passion is two-fold: to create trust and security with individuals and sticky chemistry among diverse teams. Using a variety of strategies, she uses a skillfully blend of love and boldness to maintain all voices are heard, represented and included.

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