Rising Coaches 09/24/2021
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Fernandes Joins Rising Coaches as Director of External Ops

Birmingham, AL. Rising Coaches has announced the addition of Menelik Fernandes to its' staff. Fernandes will take over as the Director of External Operations for Rising Coaches. "We are so excited to add Menelik to our team," said Rising Coaches CEO Adam Gordon. "His background in sales and his experience as a member of Rising Coaches will provide our company with a valuable skill set and perspective"

Fernandes comes to Rising Coaches after having spent the last few years as the interim head coach at Fleming College in Toronto.

"It's an honor to join Rising Coaches!" said Fernandes. "This community has connected me with so many outstanding coaches that are willing to share the game. Of course I would jump on the opportunity to help Rising Coaches continue to improve."

Fernandes will be working on developing the Rising Coaches Newsletter, email marketing, the member spotlight and member outreach.

Rising Coaches is a membership based organization for coaches of all levels. They provide relationships, development and job opportunities to their 1,500+ members. For more information visit www.risingcoaches.com

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