Susanne McDonald 01/07/2021
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Presenting Confidently PART ONE

When a basketball player walks up to the free throw line, they pause. They breathe. They may bounce the ball.  They don’t rush.  They are prepared.  It’s the same routine they’ve done thousands of times in practice. 

What if I told you the key to presenting confidently is tied to the way you breathe, just like shooting a free throw? As adults we have formed bad habits that inhibit us from taking full, supportive breaths.  It’s about practicing by engaging with your supportive, natural breath.  You will be a better presenter if you practice supportive breaths.

Think about how you speak on an everyday basis. Typically you don’t run out of breath in the middle of your thought or even during a long rant. Your mind and body know how to breathe efficiently. However, when public speaking, anxiety can creep in and breathing may become difficult. This can ruin your presentation. Game on the line as you step to the line or to the microphone?  Anxiety may creep in the same way at either spot if you haven’t practiced your breath to calm your nerves.

By actively working towards supportive breaths, you are already one large step closer to a more engaging presentation.  With that breath, you are able to calm your nerves, connect to your body and connect to the audience through breath. When doing this, you can start and finish your presentation as effortless as the swoosh that winning free throw makes. 

Starting with breath means that you are calming your mind and body before you walk up to the microphone. Remember: once you find your supportive breath, before you begin, you must continue using that breath throughout your entire presentation. Connecting with your breath does not mean that you won’t be nervous or miss the shot. It means that you have the tools to speak with clarity, engage with your audience, and make an impact. 

Start practicing today.  It might just pay off when the game is on the line, like at that job interview you worked so hard to get.

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Susanne McDonald 07 January, 2021 2 minute read

Presenting Confidently PART ONE

When a basketball player walks up to the free throw line, they pause. They breathe. They may bounce