Rising Coaches is excited to announce a new partnership with SportsLifeTalk. SportsLifeTalk is a podcast with relationships with coaches all across the country at every level & sport. They focus on spotlighting all kinds of talent making an impact on sports around the country.                 

“Rising Coaches is excited to continue to expand on our community & bring in another powerful partner to the team with SportsLifeTalk. Their podcast is an exciting, professional, & high energy production that any one with eyes will be drawn into.” said President of Basketball Operations Brian Burton. “It is a platform designed with positivity at the forefront & designed for their guests to share their stories and have a blast doing it.” Burton added. 

"The partnership will be mainly focusing on adding more WBB Content, WBB coaches, and WBB guests for our Women's Basketball Wednesday's. We want to continue to be intentional about celebrating the women's game and women's sports in general within our community and across our platforms. We will feature interviews and collarobate with SportsLifeTalk to shine more light on WBB as a whole."

Sportslifetalk is one of the fastest growing platforms in Dallas, Texas. They have covered a ton of ground since they established in 2020 in nationwide. Some of their successes so far include:

✅ Over 400 shows aired in just 3 seasons

✅ Over 10k following in support

✅ 4 shows released weekly

✅ Priding themselves in Relationships with coaches & talent in sports across the country at every level.  

“We are super excited about this partnership and using our platform as a conduit to changing lives one story at a time! This collaboration with Rising Coaches is all about telling these amazing stories and journeys of the voices of tomorrow!” Said Brandon Jones, Co-Founder of SportsLifeTalk.

Within SportTalkLife brand, is "You Got Next" (YGN). YGN is a trailblazing series that highlights individuals who are doing amazing things and accomplishing big dreams. We love to share their journey with the SLT Family.  There are so many great stories to tell of resilience, determination, perseverance, and compassion. 

“I had the pleasure of experiencing SportsLifeTalk 1st hand as a guest on the show & not only was impressed & enjoyed the experience, but they did such a great job staying connected and continuing their same vibrant positivity. I have connected them with a few other people to be interviewed myself after my experience with them. The alignment and mission between the 2 organizations is fits very seamlessly. Both organizations set out to build community, make a positive impact on others, and to be a light through sports. Burton further added.

“We are very grateful to both Brandon Jones and Kevin Thomas for the relentless work and dedication they’ve already put in to their brand and platform. They remind me much of what we started with All-Access Network over 3 years ago and I’m really excited for the members along with the basketball community to benefit & get to know more about the awesome work SportsLifeTalk has been doing.


More About the people who lead SportsLifeTalk:

Brandon Jones - Creative Director - On air Personality - Mouth of the South

@MouthOTSouth - Mr. Yeet.....A true Louisianimal!  - Shreveport, LA.                                                  

-Brings a charismatic and boisterous flare to the show. 100% Energy. 

"Hailing from the Boot State. I love everything and every team in  Louisiana. Proud of my upbringing, I bring a lot of energy and passion to the team. Known for my gift of gab, I am always good for a joke whether good or bad. By day I am a proud Husband and Dad. I work As a recruiter and talent evaluator."


Kevin Thomas - Executive Producer - On Air Personality - Head Coach         

@tha_headcoach_kt  - The Architect, The Quiet Storm - Desoto, TX.                                                   

The Ed Reede of the show covering everything even though he is the laid back one.

"Yo whats up!!! I am the Head Coach of SLT. You could say that I am the one who keeps the show running, but that isn't true because I have the best team a coach could ask for. I am a big movie buff, comic, sports and wrestling fan. When I am not being a husband and dad to my awesome family, I am a special education teacher at the middle school level"

Find SportsLifeTalk content:

  1. WEBSITE: https://www.sportslifetalk.com/
  2. YOUTYBE: https://youtube.com/@sportslifetalk
  3. Audio Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/sportslifetalk-presents-you-got-next/id1469942232
  4. Instagram: SLT InstagramFollow us!

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.