Bret Burchard 01/30/2021
1 Minutes

Stop Self-Sabotaging

This is Part 6 of a six-part series unpacking how to recognize when you’re performing with an inferior mindset. 
It’s your third team in five years. 
You’re in position for a big win, but blew it…again.
This relationship soured the same way the last one did, even after starting with so much promise.
This always seems to happen to you.
No matter where you go, what team you’re on, what role you have, or what relationship you’re in, you experience the same results. 
Clue #5: You repeat self-sabotaging behaviors

If your problems follow you everywhere you go, it’s likely not because the universe is out to get you. There is a common denominator in your experiences. And if you have experienced this before, you know it’s hard to reject the narrative that develops: Maybe you’re just not cut out for this. Some people have it, some don’t and maybe you’re not one of those people. 

But that narrative is a lie. It’s not you that is the problem. It’s what you can’t see that causes the breakdowns. The champions you admire don’t have a special gene that you can’t have. They’ve just developed a mindset that takes them further than most. 

 If you have ever experienced any of these five clues, then you know how the mind can get in the way of you performing at your best. And if you’re like me, it always seems to bite at the worst possible time. The good news is you don’t have to leave this piece of your performance up to chance any more. You can learn to harness your mind to leverage your tools, skills, and hard work for those biggest moments.
If you want to continue to build on your RISEolutions and shine a light on the blind spots that keep getting in your way, join us at ChampionShift in February for a free masterclass specifically for basketball coaches. We’ll combine a mindset seminar with a basketball chalk talk to help you stay sharp, stay connected, and improve yourself as a coach. Visit to register.
There are tools and skills unique to the challenges you face. You will never get the most out of them until you learn to operate with a superior mindset.
Here’s to continued growth in February and all of 2021!



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