- Karra Labombarde 08/06/2020
1 Minutes


Karra Labombarde sits down with Jared Brownridge in The Night League, to talk about how he got started with the game of basketball, his playing experience with the Delaware Blue Coats and the unknown of next season.

The Aurora, Illinois native started his playing career at Waubonise Valley High School, before heading out west for college. Jared attended Santa Clara University where his basketball career would take off. Over his four years at Santa Clara, Jared was named Three-Time First Team All-WCC, finished number two on the Santa Clara All-Time Scoring List and finished fourth on the WCC All-Time Scoring List. 

The success didn't stop at the college level for Jared. After pouring in over 18 points per game, shooting 40.9% from the field and 36.9% from three, his basketball career would keep moving forward. He is currently playing professionally in the NBA G League for the Delaware Blue Coats, an affiliate of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Take a listen to what Karra and Jared talk about in The Night League!

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