Rising Coaches 09/01/2021
1 Minutes

Bender Named Executive Director of Basketball and Sponsorships

Birmingham, AL. Southwest Mississippi Community College head coach and long time Rising Coaches member, Bryan Bender has joined the company in a leadership role. Bender will take over hosting duties for a weekly member's Zoom and the very popular Rising Coaches Podcast. In addition to hosting content, Bender will work behind the scenes to help Rising Coaches add strategic partners that can add value to the coaching community. "We are thrilled to add Bryan to our team," said Rising Coaches CEO Adam Gordon. "He is an extremely talented communicator who believes in our brand. He will provide instant value to our members and to our company."

Bender will begin hosting content September 1st as he welcomes Rising Coaches Co-Founder Andy Farrell onto the podcast for a recap of the 2021 Top Connect Symposium.

"I am humbled and excited to join the Rising Coaches family in this new role" said Bender. "Rising Coaches has been a tremendous asset for me throughout my coaching career and I am thrilled to help utilize their platform by taking over the Rising Coaches podcast and aiding in corporate sales and sponsorships."

Rising Coaches is a membership based organization for coaches of all levels. They provide relationships, development and job opportunities to their 1,500+ members. For more information visit www.risingcoaches.com 

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