Rising Coaches 11/23/2020
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DEI Alliance announces "Next Up" Participants

Birmingham, AL. The Rising Coaches Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Alliance is pleased to announce the finalist for the “Next Up” Head Coaches Training Initiative. The organizations that make up the Rising Coaches DEI Alliance each nominated coaches for the opportunity to participate in a workshop with sports search consultant Katy Young Staudt. Katy Young Staudt was recently named a Top 40 under 40 in college basketball by The Athletic. “There are a number of rising stars in our business and I am honored to be able to provide advice and expertise to help advance their careers” said Staudt. “If we are truly going to impact the game in a positive way, we must take the right action steps to get there and helping prepare coaches to win the interview is one of the most important steps in the coaching search process." Staudt has led basketball searches for Texas Tech, Washington State, Cal Berkeley, Fairfield, UC Riverside, UT Tyler and Cleveland State just to name a few.

Of the nominees, twelve coaches were selected by a DEI committee to participate in the Next Up Training Initiative, which is scheduled to take place in December, 2020. "I want to thank all the organizations and the nominees. They all presented themselves exceptionally well and have bright futures as head coaches” stated Darryl Jacobs, Executive Director for the Rising Coaches DEI Alliance. “I commend the DEI staff of Kym Hampton and Brian Burton for their hard work and commitment in the selection process.” The finalists for “Next Up” are…

Ben Johnson – Xavier – Coaches For Action
TJ Cleveland – St. Johns – Coaches For Action
Scott Garson – Santa Clara – Jewish Coaches Association
Joy Smith – Clemson – Rising Coaches
Marlon Stewart – Oregon State – Rising Coaches
Amorrow Morgan – South Alabama – embRACEus
Mike Mennenga – Oregon – Coaches 4 Change
Ganiyat Adeduntan – George Washington – Women of Color Coaches Network
Taja Edwards – Loyola Marymount – Women of Color Coaches Network
Brandin Knight – Rutgers – Minority Coaches Association
Sheila Boykin – Cal State Northridge - Latino Association of Basketball Coaches
Drew Williamson – Virginia State – Black Coaches Association

The Rising Coaches DEI Alliance is made up of a dozen different minority coaches and social justice organizations. Their mission is to use their platform as leaders in sports to impact change in the profession and their communities. For more information visit www.risingcoaches.com/DEI-alliance

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