Rising Coaches 07/26/2021
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Erin Sinnott To Join Minnesota Women's Basketball Staff

Birmingham, AL. Erin Sinnott, who has served as the Director of Operations and Member Services for Rising Coaches since the spring of 2020, has been hired in a support staff position for Minnesota Women's Basketball. During her time with Rising Coaches, Sinnott helped run the internal operations of the company as well as manage the needs of Rising Coaches' over 1,500 members. "Erin has been such a vital part of our company's growth over the last year" said Rising Coaches CEO Adam Gordon. "Not only did she help streamline all of our behind the scenes processes, but she ingratiated herself to our community of coaches. She's been totally bought into our mission of inclusion and development. We couldn't have asked for a better ambassador for our brand."

Sinnott came to Rising Coaches after spending a year as a graduate assistant of marketing for Southern Illinois University Athletics. Prior to SIU, Sinnott played college basketball at the University of Evansville and Daemen College. "This past year, Covid was so devastating for so many. It was challenging trying to break into the coaching industry as a young professional" Sinnott explained. "Rising Coaches gave me an opportunity. Adam, Andy and Brandon showed up everyday guiding me, challenging me and pushing me to execute at a high level." 

Sinnott will be working on the staff of Minnesota head coach, 4 time WNBA champion, and 5 time WNBA All Star, Lindsay Whalen. "I have never felt more confident and prepared as I take my next steps in my career at the University of Minnesota" said Sinnott. "I'm excited to be in a position to make an impact for the Minnesota women's basketball program."

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