Rising Coaches 01/11/2022
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DEI Alliance Hosts Equality & Inclusion Night Throughout College Basketball

Birmingham, AL. Rising Coaches DEI Alliance is proud to announce the inaugural Equality and Inclusion Night February, 2022 which is also Black History Month.  The DEI Alliance, made up of 12 minority and social justice coaching organizations, is coordinating with college basketball programs across the country to ask coaches and staff to wear all black on the sidelines as well as the “equal sign” lapel pin created to symbolize equality.

Equality and Inclusion can pertain to racial equality, LGBTQ+ rights, gender equity, economic equality and more.  Hosting this campaign is an opportunity for college basketball to let the world know that they will continue to stand up for Equality and Inclusion.

The inaugural Equality and Inclusion Night will take place February 10-24, 2022 as designated by the home team.  The away team will also be asked to participate in advance.

“The purpose of this campaign is to continue to raise awareness for equality and inclusion for all people,” said Darryl Jacobs, Executive Director of the Rising Coaches DEI Alliance. “Sports has the unique ability to unite people from all different backgrounds. It’s important that we use the platform our sport has given us to keep Equality and Inclusion at the forefront of the national conversation.”

Equality and Inclusion Night is a part of a larger Equity and Inclusion Campaign that will consist of a nationwide tour to promote financial literacy, building and monetizing brands, mental health and emotional intelligence in partnership with college athletic departments. For more information please visit https://www.risingcoaches.com/equalitynight

About Rising Coaches and the DEI Alliance

Rising Coaches is a membership organization of over 1,500 basketball coaches. Rising Coaches provides its’ members with relationships, coaching development, and job opportunities. In October 2020, Rising Coaches partnered with a dozen social justice and minority coaching organizations to form the DEI Alliance. The DEI Alliance has conducted several initiatives already including the Women’s Empowerment Series, Next Up Head Coach Initiative and Intro to Coaching. For more information visit www.risingcoaches.com 

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