OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA – The Business of Small College Athletics (BOSCA) today announced Rising Coaches Search & Consulting as the Exclusive Search Firm Sponsor for the 2021 BOSCA Workshop to be held July 19-20, 2021 in Oklahoma City. 

Rising Coaches Search & Consulting was founded in 2019 and is a branch of Rising Coaches. They specialize in identifying, vetting and recruiting candidates for small college athletic positions at a small college price. Over the last twelve years, Rising Coaches has become one of the most trusted brands in developing college basketball coaches. Now they have turned their focus to the search space where they have assisted in over 15 searches in the last year in a variety of sports and administrative positions.

 Introduced in 2012 and coordinated by Collegiate Resource Management, LLC, the BOSCA Workshop is the nation’s only professional development event designed specifically for athletic administrators at smaller colleges and universities, catering to NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III, NAIA, and NJCAA athletic departments. The Workshop is an opportunity for attendees to network, share insights, and learn how to better navigate the unique challenges facing smaller athletic departments.

 We are thrilled to welcome Rising Coaches to the BOSCA family as our exclusive search firm partner. I appreciate the commitment that Rising Coaches makes to help improve the leadership of small college athletic departments and look forward to their involvement at the BOSCA workshop."

Jim Abbott, Founder, Business of Small College Athletics

“We are so excited to support and be a part of the BOSCA Workshop. Rising Coaches is completely aligned with the mission and values of BOSCA. We can’t wait to build relationships and provide value for those in attendance."

Adam Gordon, CEO, Rising Coaches

This year marks the ninth edition of the BOSCA Workshop. 


Rising Coaches Search & Consulting was created to fill a void in resources available to small colleges in regard to their hiring needs. We start off by learning about the needs of our clients. What type of employee are they looking for? We then identify, vet and recruit a diverse and talented pool of candidates that may not normally apply to a tradition job posting… all at a small college price.

To learn more about Rising Coaches Search & Consulting or to view a list of testimonials please visit www.risingcoaches.com/search-firm or contact adam@risingcoaches.com

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.