Rising Coaches 04/13/2021
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Introducing rising coaches new program #HealthyCoach

Birmingham, AL – Rising Coaches is excited to introduce a new program to the Rising Coaches community, #HealthyCoach. The ground-breaking program is headed up by Rising Coaches newest partner, Jason Fry of #HealthyLeader.

Discover more on Fry and Healthy Leader here.

The mission of #HealthyCoach is to help members create and build a consistent routine that favors an individual's health, decision making, and performance in/out of the gym, all while doing it with a like-minded community. 

With #HealthyCoach you will gradually be introduced to a routine focused on exercise, breath work, meditation, reading, reflection and of course, the outreach of a community. 

What to expect?

The format for the first portion of the #HealthyCoach goes as follows:

  • 7 minutes: Breath Work and/or Meditation
  • 7 minutes: Fitness and Exercise
  • 7 minutes: Reading
  • 7 minutes: Reflection

“We are thrilled to bring #HealthyCoach to the Rising Coaches community.  The program fits perfectly with the mission of Rising Coaches.  Rising Coaches is a special community designed to support one another. This fun 28-day program of development will only strengthen the community and each of the members” said Fry.  

All members will be given routines for breathwork, fitness regimens, sample workouts, shared readings and reflection points, and one group call at the conclusion of the program. 

Rising Coaches members will have an opportunity to opt into the program starting April 12th.  

Members sign up for this 28-day program through the membership website. 

To learn more visit RisingCoaches.com and become a member today! 



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