It’s that time of year again -- people are changing jobs faster than they can update their Twitter handle.  If you aren’t someone who is packing your bags or moving on to a different position on your staff -- there are things you can do today to get ready when it is your chance.

After you review these tips, feel free to jump on social media and @RisingCoaches if you want to add tips of your own.


  • Get to know your SID, compliance, academics, trainer, sport administrator, etc.
  • Invite them to lunch and ask them about their job.  ASK THEM ABOUT THEM.
  • Avid reader on your staff -- what do they recommend -- then READ it!
  • Ask your AD or sport admin what they are reading -- then READ/talk to them about it!
  • People will move in and out of your life -- make a commitment to stay connected!


  • Clean up your social media.  If you said a bunch of stupid stuff on social media in high school or college - consider deleting that account and starting over
  • Use a professional photo and email across all your social media platforms.
  • Think before pressing send: would your AD/head coach/next boss want to see this?


  • Create or Update your LinkedIn: Include each job and your education
  • Ask people in your network for a rec (it literally takes 30 seconds to do this!)
  • Don’t know much about LinkedIn?  Reach out - Bee Young Comms can help! 


  • Ask SID for media training tips.  Volunteer to do something to help them in return.
  • Read game notes.  Get to know how the media will look at your team through their eyes.
  • For more on mastering your time in front of the camera, click here.


    • Build your network will help you build your NET WORTH
    • Make a list of people you’d like to get to know better in your profession
    • Create a Google Doc of names, numbers, emails, information, how you know them. 
    • Reach out to your list for informational interviews. (email no more than a couple of times)                                                 
    • Reach out to set up informational interviews … YOU AREN'T LOOKING FOR A JOB. 
  • For more on building your own network: click here.
  • Send them your business card. Don’t have one? Get 100 printed at Vista Print for $15. 
  • And once they are a connection -- send them a note once in a while ‘just because’.  Mention a book you’ve read or complement them on something they’ve said in the media. Be sincere!
  • For more on building your own confidence as well, click here.


  • New at the school or to the league? Introduce yourself to each coach when you play 
  • Introduce yourself to others at the school you come across: trainer, sport admin, SID. 
  • Meet someone interesting, drop them a note thanking them for their time (add your newly-printed business card)


If you are looking for assistance with your interview skills or perfecting your own brand, Bee Young Communications and Marketing can help you.  

To learn more about what Bee Young Comms can do to help you or your team, contact us todayClick here to discover more about Bee Young Comms.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.