Rising Coaches 02/23/2023
1 Minutes
John Spezia has coached at all levels of the game from High School and College, to Professional and International levels. Coach Spezia is now the Athletic Director & Head Boys Basketball Coach Notre Dame LaSalette.
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How did you first get into coaching? What has been the driver that has kept you in coaching?

Began working with my younger nephews when in high school and college. 
Who has been your biggest influence in your coaching career? Why?
Former high school football coach, former Junior College coach, and my brother. 

What are new ways to impact the coaching industry? 

Defensive rope, live streaming, Hudl, video camera on the shooting gun, and tracking shooting in practice. 

What has been your greatest lesson learned in coaching so far?

Being flexible and adapting to new facilities, and level of play; as I have coached HS, College, Professional and International level.
Tell us a recent book/podcast/movie that has left you inspired as a coach.
"Team of Destiny" (Virginia's run to the National Championship), "Relentless", "Team Building" (Pat Sullivan), "Toughness" (Jay Bilas), "All The Hoopla" (Dennis Harp), "Earthing".

 Fun Fact: Tell us something about yourself that people would be surprised to know about you.

Love the Caribbean, spending time with history, helping coaches and players, traveling to international countries experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. 


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