Rising Coaches 08/05/2022
1 Minutes
Jacob Whitehead is the Video Coordinator at Ole Miss. He has been in the coaching industry for 6 years. Whitehead has previous experience working with Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville. Get to know Jacob Whitehead by reading some of the interview questions we had the opportunity to collect.
How did you first get into coaching? What has been the driver that has kept you in coaching?
Brian Barone sat me down and talked to me about getting into coaching and ever since then I fell in love with it. My desire to produce high character champions pushed me into becoming a coach.
Who has been your biggest influence in your coaching career? Why?
Brian Barone, Colin Schneider and Troy Pierce. Their perseverance to keeping me on the straight and narrow within coaching, making me see the good that can be done. There is never a day where they are not mentoring or pushing me to be better even as we don’t work in same spot.
What has been your greatest lesson learned in coaching so far?
That perfection is never necessary but excellence is required to be great.
What has been your most memorable win?
Snapping Belmonts home winning streak.
Fun Fact: Tell us something about yourself that people would be surprised to know about you.
I was homeschooled. Worked extra hard as a manager to get where I am today.
As a member, what has been the most rewarding aspect/ favorite memory of Rising Coaches for you?
The connections without a doubt!


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