Rising Coaches 04/05/2021
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Rising Coaches is Featured in AdB Hoops Magazine

In an effort to build global relationships throughout the basketball community, Rising Coaches is excited to be featured in the latest issue of AdB Hoops Magazine. AdB Hoops Magazine is a world leader in coaching content and over the last 12 months has released nine outstanding magazines for coaches and the basketball community both in English and Spanish. 

This issue Michele Roberts, Executive Director of the NBPA, the NBA players association, shares the cover with former Euroleague Basketball Chief Operating Officer Eduard Scott. In this interview, he discusses the need for teams to be rivals on the court and partners out of it. In addition, the Lakers coach Fran Vogel, the interesting world of statistics with two great Italian experts such as Paola Zuccolotto and Marica Manisera, Sito Alonso, Matteo Panichi from Armani Milan about the prevention of injuries and in the case of the Baskin, Longhi with the Role 3, the connecting ring.

And also many other articles from top protagonists that you can’t miss!

To access their catalog of magazines, visit AdB HOOPS DIGITAL today!

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